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The greatest art package of all time. Ships with versions of wordwindows/word. Pictures created in Paint often look like they were drawn by children.
I drew an awesome picture in Paint!
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
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to leave shit residue on a penis (or condom) during anal sex
"Make sure you take an enema and clean yourself, cuz you dont want to paint him!"
by Singularly Prurient July 01, 2004
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the same thing as the key in basketball. The rectangular area extending out towards half court from the baseline. Usually painted a different color from the rest of the court.
Coach: Get in the paint Aldo!
Aldo: What the hell is the paint?
Coach: The key:
by treyballer February 02, 2015
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A partmanteau deriving from pant and paint.

An outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle - usually used in plural - wherein the wearer is of an overweight nature and the garment is poorly fitting, i.e. tight.
College student 1: oh man, I love college. I can eat cheeseburger subs all day in the dining hall.

College student 2: yeah, I was going to say - nice paints. You're going to need some mineral spirits to get them babies off.
by FreddyFiveFingers July 18, 2012
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To wipe any sex related fluid on someone's taint with your penis
He created the most beautiful paint job I have ever seen on that guy's taint. There were elegant swirls, lines, and a breathtaking sense of form.
by famoustainter February 20, 2011
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To designate a target to employ a homing weapon against, usually by laser or radar.
The Special Forces trooper painted the target for the Warthog driver to hit.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
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