When a guy pulls-out of a girl or another guy (just as he's about to splooge), cums onto their bush, then proceeds to rub it in their pubes and shampoo their crotch.
"Fuck, *moans*, it's time for fertilization, baby!"
"Oooh, sweet leapin' Jesus! My bush is gonna be larger than a weeping willow!"
by skamocker086 April 17, 2004
The act of ejaculating into the toilet after you've finished making a #2, either as a type of kink, or because you didn't feel like flushing it first.
Guy 1: "Hey bro, I'm gonna go fertilize the fertilizer 'cause I'm too horny to bother flushing my shit first!"
Guy 2: "Too much info bro, but alright!"
by IsaacLechten October 21, 2016
My girlfriend decided we should do some gardening. I finally convinced her to do the fertilizer before she begins to plant her eggplant.
by TheADvent Calendar December 2, 2019
Capable of initiating, sustaining, or supporting reproduction.
That is one fertile womb, if I do say so myself.
by Eyeballflyball July 11, 2003
A woman with a body very fit to produce children. Smooth layer of body fat to and fat ass to feed fetus, large breast to feed baby, and good attitide and smile to raise a healthy kid
by the funny one July 24, 2016
Easy to impregnate
like latin women

i learned the hard way...
my name is raul and my girl friend is a fertile latina
by arihahana July 3, 2009