a shock video on the internet in which a man cuts off his own penis.
Tommy puked after he watched the Pain Olympics.
by raven68 June 6, 2007
A disturbing video where a man cuts off circulation to his testicles and penis, and begins to cut them off. In the end, he squeezes the actual testicle out of the scrotum. Not recommended for the weak minded.
"Did you see the video with the man chopping off his own dick?" "Yeah, it's called Pain Olympics on You Tube."
by Verginia January 8, 2008
A groop of guys that compete in torturous games that cut of their penis and nuts
Guy 1: did you see the pain olympics. Guy 2: no. Guy 1: you gotta see it its the most discusting thing ever. Guy 2: oo that's crazy guy 3:jay wizzys mad cool and he runs new bedford chea toasty
by jay wizzy May 11, 2009
completely and totally overrated. everyone will say it is horrid, vile and maybe even the worst shit on the internet, but it really isn't that bad. still, i wouldn't recommend you go there and watch it. its comparable to goatse.
"dude, did you watch the pain olympics?"
"no way man. thats horrid, vile and maybe even the worst shit on the internet."
"it really isn't that bad. still, i wouldn't recommend you go there and watch it."
by mastergimp January 28, 2008
The most disturbing video you will ever see... Ever.
The video takes place during the final round and features one or more males divulging in the act of self castration.
So did you watch the BME Pain Olympics?
"yeah, I threw up too"
by o ReV October 16, 2007
A so called competition where a man mutilates his genitals. Its gained fame in 2012 when they started videotaping themselves committing the act. You along with 99.9% of people are probably asking yourself why someone would want to do this and the answer is the contestants are usually very low iq, have nothing to live for, and are all around just odd people. The contestants take a local Anesthesia and proceed to cut off their balls either with a knife, hatchet, or whatever their creative mind can think off. The fact that they cannot feel anything they are doing because of the anesthesia brings to question why its even called the “Pain” olympics. They also usually cut off the entire genitalia and proceed the cut them up on a table, I don’t know how it’s supposed to cause more pain but I think at this point they’re just trying to make you puke. There is no winner of this competition and the contestants receive no prize. Which makes you question even more of why someone would do this.
“Hey man have you seen the BME Pain Olympics?” “Ya man those guys are totally mental
by DUDE_JUST_ STFU April 29, 2019
A video where men literly saw their penises off. This is the worst video out there. It sounds bad but its even WORSE. Everyone reading this who hasnt seen it is probably about to go watch it to check it out because it seems so bad. Don't. It will literally scar you. I don't think I will EVER get that image out of my mind. I truy advise you not to watch it.
You really don't want to watch the bme pain olympics. I'm not kidding.
by Just Trust Me September 27, 2009