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a shock video on the internet in which a man cuts off his own penis.
Tommy puked after he watched the Pain Olympics.
by raven68 June 06, 2007

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A little kid that plays the game Guitar Hero way too much and then thinks that they are cool because they listen to rock music. But truly, they don't know any songs other than the ones in the game.
"Man, your brother is such a guitar hero poser, he thinks he's badass because he knows one song by Megadeth."
by raven68 April 09, 2007

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Any person of another race (other than black) that hangs out and associates with black people most of the time and is accepted by them makes them black by association.
"Dude, are we gonna get shot?"

"Chill out dude, I'm black by association."
by raven68 April 28, 2007

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