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See monged
ie. can be used to describe a drunken or drugged state of mind or an ungly woman.
Man1: Check her out, she's nice!!
Man2: You're paggered, she's paggered.
by ezman January 04, 2004
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Something that is isn't good looking or a state where one has consumed too many substances and has therefore 'paggered it'. Also can be used as describing a poor attempt at something
Mate that is a paggered joint
Lads look he's paggered it
by 15ejcauchi April 04, 2017
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When in any kind of shooting
(paintball, halo, etc) game, when you shoot someone multiple times.
"He tried to run away, but i just paggered him to death!"
by dno19 November 10, 2006
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