A person with an egg head or bald
Look at that Keel over there
Check that proper Keel
He's got a proper Keel head
Keel! Keel! Egg Head! (Chant)
by Keel egg head Parker March 14, 2013
KEEL is how towl heads say KILL
"Silence!, I Keel You!"
by ladyphilosophy December 2, 2012
Like cool, but keeler than cool
Hey bro did you see his t-shirt?
Yeah it was so keel!
Ikr, very keel indeed
by TMKeel21 December 2, 2021
You better bring the car back without a scratch or I will keel you.
by Agent019 January 3, 2008
anybody with the surname keel who is a female teacher is a mrs/miss/ms keel. They are all evil! They all keep real cow lungs in their fridges! they eat dog poo for breakfast and make out with multiple flavoured cheesecakes at 5 in the morning.
woah she's one heck of a mrs keel you should've seen what i caught her doing at 5 in the morning!!!
by sciberras(Y) April 30, 2009
A feeling of being trapped inside the bubble-like world of a campus university.
After five months in Hawthorns Hall of residence Becky began to suffer from a profound keele.
by Buddhabing April 23, 2004
How Ren pronounces 'Kill'
Steempy I weel keel you!
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 20, 2003