A term referring to a fat baby who is expected to grow up to be a baller. Oxleys can be titty baby's at first, but usually grow up to be independent thinkers. Also can mean a hairy baby
Dang...8lb.12 oz! You popped out an oxley.
by Kwicktoung January 6, 2016
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This term is used to describe if you are Oxley
Person1: me Oxley

Person2: you not Oxley ME Oxley
by Imachubbyteapot January 1, 2019
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A young man that is: shredded, good looking, and damn good at track
by Cashmoneymini April 9, 2016
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A indescribable and infinite question that has been asked since the dawn of time. Am I oxley, what does it mean to be oxley. When will I know that I am ready to be oxley, will there be a sign or will I feel it in my heart. How much longer must I wait before I call truly say to myself “ ME OXLEY”.
MMe: Do you think I will ever be a me oxley?
Other: are any of us truly a me oxley.
Me: thank you.
by Imachubbyteapot July 10, 2019
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The talented pianist of the wonderful British band Keane. If you've seen the band in concert, it's a surprise that Tim hasn't a neck injury as he really gets into that piano playing.
Tim Rice-Oxley is one-third of Keane, which also consists of Tom Chaplin and Richard Hughes.
by Jemma March 26, 2005
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1) An industry created from nothing that creates nothing.
2) Sarbanes Oxley is also a swear word.
3) Something to hide behind when you need introduce bureaucracy to the nth degree.
SOX dweeb: Do have everything under control?
Office bloke: Yes
SOX dweeb: Can I see the documentary evidence?
Office bloke: We don't keep hard copy
SOX dweeb (smugly): The you have failed your control and I must report you to the highest possible echelon within the organisation who will inform of your failure and sack you. Sarbanes Oxley (SOx) is the alpha and the omega.
Office bloke: So fucking what? DIE!


SOX dweeb dies in a pool of it's own blood. Much rejoicing ensues.
by flatster October 24, 2006
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Accounting guidelines that advise the accountant to bend over the desk and getting donkey punched by their favorite senior.
Nick was going to go out with Tasha but instead he was stuck getting SOxed at work.
by Ferret September 14, 2004
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