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Wide-eyed, adrenalin-filled psycho grimace on one's face as you charge in to battle/a fight/game of chicken. Exemplified by "Full Metal Jacket".
Let me see your war face!


You've got a war face? Aaaaaaaagh! That's a war face. Now let me see your war face!


Bullshit! You didn't convince me! Let me see your real war face!


You didn't scare me! Work on it!
by flatster May 11, 2006
Speedball was one of the greatest games on the Commodore Amiga computer (and ST but let's not talk about that POS - spit).

Written by the Bitmap Brothers and published in 1991, it combined elements of the film "Rollerball" and... a computer game. Extreme violence coupled with super-smooth graphics and crunching sound ensured a two-player contest between you and your best mate ended up in fisticuffs.

A sequel was written, Speedball 2, which captured all of the elements of the first game but introduced eight-way scrolling, extra ways to gain points and even more violence.

You: "Oi! Twat! Wanna game o' Speedball?"
Best Mate: "Ya! I'll fuckin' cream ya!"
You: "You reckon?"

5 minutes later

You: "Fuckin; cheat!"
Best Mate: "Bollocks! My joystick is better!"
You: "Mine got stuck! Cunt!"
by flatster May 18, 2006
Criminal acts, often caught on mobile video phone's and passed around to other children to witness. Often these are scenes of bullying, rape, and, in some cases murder.
Newspaper headline: "Happy slappy incident: gang of 19, average age 12, gang rape girl, 13".
by flatster November 24, 2005
The creation of jewelry consisting of semen.

Rings: during hand-shandy's
Necklace's: when she doesn't swallow
Bracelets: when she gives you a hand-shandy
She was tugging hard the other night and I shot me load, giving her some nice rings and plenty of other jelly jewelry as well...
by flatster November 9, 2005
"I need a dump!"
"Use the dump station man, not the plant pot! Jeesh!"
by flatster October 28, 2005
The distance between the anus and the vagina.

Example: hold up your left hand and make a "C" shape with your thumb and index finger.

That's the distance you're looking for.
A FACT: The distance between a fuck hole and a muck hole and if you miss yer inna shit 'n thassa FACT.
by flatster November 25, 2005
The "noise" made by Everquest 1 and 2 Frogloks; a race of amphibious player-controlled racial type's. Normally, these frogs have hilariously original names like "Kermit" or Kerrrrrmit" or "Kermitttt".

When engaged in conversation, the cunt controlling said Froglok will only respond with the ludicrously funny "froak" in their chat line. This is, of course, accepted and praised by other 12 year-old moron's who think it's the pinnacle of whit and rapier-like subtlety.

"D00d, yr froggy is teh roxx0rs!"
"LOLOLO!!""" taht's so cool"
"LFMAO stop ddude my diaframs gunna burste!!!11!"
by flatster October 28, 2005