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The darkest, finest rolling tobacco. Also known as the 'Cream of the Crop', being the first tobacco picked from the Netherlands. Class A Rolling tobacco, clean fresh biodegradable fun, and White Ox rollies won't stay lit and start a bush fire as they go out without puffing on them. Purchaseable in pouches of 30 and 50 grams, ready to give u a rush. White ox costs 10 dollars in prison, however at service stations it can be as expensive as 23 dollars. Undoubtably the premium choice for seasoned smokers, who, reffer to White Ox as Gold.
"Can I have a filter for my White Ox?"
- what are you? a man or a mouse?

"Can I bum a White Ox"
- get your stinkin' mits away from my GOLD!

"Cough cough splutter splutter *coughs up a bit of flem and turburculosis pie*
- sounds like u need a White Ox to open them girly lungs up.
by Robb L. January 30, 2006
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Jail smoke.
The best fuckin smoke in the world.
Once you tasted it you'll never go back to whatever shit you smoked before.
"White Ox no filter cunt"
by Mii-chelle October 08, 2018
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like somking the road its self
Me: finds someone bresthing in road fumes
them: dood i just lost my white ox, i need something with as much tar
by comegetmebitch September 21, 2006
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The worst tobacco known to man. I believe Saddam was going to use this stuff in his weapons of mass destruction.
Boy what is that smell, Oh its just Choppa smoking his White Ox.
by H.A.R.F July 21, 2003
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