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Snoop Dogg's answer to "Fill in the blank. Pie in the ..." on Family Feud.
I found a pie in the horse while smoking that dank ass weed.
by ntp479 July 17, 2016
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I don't want to
I'm tired
Why dont you go to bed?
by ntp479 April 11, 2015
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When someone overreacts to everything.
My dad is so overreactive. I can't even explain to him the medical uses of marijuana without him calling me a pothead.
by ntp479 July 23, 2014
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That "WTF" reaction you get when you see a ridiculous post on Tumblr.
Friend: "Did you see the gif of the twerking albino cat??"
Me: "Ermahblerg, yes!"
by ntp479 January 13, 2014
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That's funny but I didn't actually laugh out loud.
Used instead of "lol" when something is funny but you didn't really "laugh out loud."
Person 1: I lost my pencil.
by ntp479 April 06, 2014
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A feeling of highness. Not physically "wet," instead you're so high on either a drug or just something you enjoy (e.g. music) that you may feel "wet," or out of your typical state of mind. Typically this refers to dance music that makes you feel "high." It is also common to be referring to a hot girl. Originated from the dance artist Krewella.
That girl over there makes me wet.
by ntp479 November 01, 2013
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An informal exclamation used when someone says something so incomprehensible or ridiculous that it's not worth correcting or trying to debate.
> You know, Crooked Hillary sold child slaves at that pizza shop!!
> yikes.
by ntp479 March 14, 2018
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