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When someone is misunderstood into thinking pewdiepie is racist and supports t-series just cause they come from India and they are Indian not trying to bring up racism cause I am Indian but literally everyone is a bit racist I mean if someone from a diffrent race walked down in your country let’s say their isn’t really much of that race in the country you would feel weird
Stop it with your overreaction don’t try to kill pewdiepie idiot
by Retardedlolifan October 03, 2019

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The worst swear word in English it is very racist if you say it you will die in hell
Me:Hey F off you logan paul

Therapist: wtf did you say bitch get some therapy
by Retardedlolifan September 30, 2019

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Somebitch whodistracts you and all they know how to say is sir they should really STFU and move the cart if you say something rude to them you will be punished when really they are complete bullshit the airlines can even survive with out them
Flight attendant: excuse me sir
Me: Fuck off im trying to sleep
Flight attendant you will get punished for cussing on the plane
Me: hijacks plane and Flies it in to a hill
Go away Flight attendant
by Retardedlolifan September 30, 2019

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