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I don't know, every main character in every anime I watch?

Hydrogen, Einsteinium, Nitrogen, Titanium, Arsenic, Iodine.
Take the first letters and it is the definition of every anime YOU watch.
Man, that slime is too overpowered.
You're right.
You know I watch good anime, audience.
by GetStraightBlasted September 10, 2021
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One of youtube's best content creators, and my 2 favorite Twitch streamers (Other than DGR, of course)! He's funny, overall a great person, and when he dies it's always to something stupid.
Pangaeapanga is such a good mario player.
by GetStraightBlasted February 17, 2021
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The best or worst thing you can see. Sometimes it would be a normal friendly ad. Other times, you get these dirty thoughts looking at these smart ads. Seriously, keep it up U r ban dict!
One of the U r ban Dictionary Ads had a hentai supergirl and i'm like "Should I block this ad or just look at it?
by GetStraightBlasted February 17, 2021
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Not minecraft, not Smash bros. It's SUPER SMASH FLASH!!! The one game that you dont have to pay money for, and is fun!!! If you think this is advertising, then you're a real kid that knows the game!! Share it with youre friends so they dont pay for Smash like an idiot or get some dollar tree Bop it! Schoove on some kids for no reason online or against your friends offline. No Friends? Then get one, you lowly scum!
That level 9 Marth Is Mcscmooven all over me. Nerf marth, Super Smash Flash!
by GetStraightBlasted February 17, 2021
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