A top tier character appearing in Brawl. Due to his all-around flurry attack and his major recovery,
he was a top tier character that basically was generally used by many in Brawl tournaments. His victory theme was burned into most of us.
Come back when you start getting banned in tournaments. - Meta Knight, Brawl Taunts 3
by Hardstuck Internet January 3, 2015
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The leader of the meta knights and a master swordsman.
He has a giant flying ship called the halberd and has appeared in many kirby games, also in smash bros brawl.
He has very fast swipes and his final smash is galaxia darkness.
Person 1: I main as meta knight! All PTs are going DOWN!
by jackson123 April 24, 2008
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Someone who enforces the "meta" of a multiplayer competitive game so heavily that it encroaches on others' enjoyment of the game. Meta Knights are easily angered if the team's plans do not align with their own, and are prone to bursts of rage upon the slightest deviation.

Named after the stalwart Meta Knight from the Kirby series.
Person 1: "Switch off (person)! We don't need another fucking (person)!
Person 2: "Dude, stop being such a Meta Knight, I'm just dicking around!"
by Duke Fartass December 7, 2016
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Meta Knight is an adorable borb and is known for his top tier ranking in ssbb. He enjoys sweet food and is the owner of the legendary sword galaxia. He is often seen wearing his mask. On rare occasions (or when kirby fights him) he can be seen without his mask, which usually results in him having to fly away from an obsession of fangirls.
Meta Knight is best kirby character.
by Tafette September 15, 2022
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Sum1: Yo have you seen dark meta knight?
Sum1 else: you me mean edgy boi?
by Just a kirb fan September 20, 2023