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Random letters, numbers, and symbols crammed together when e-mailing, texting, instant messsaging, ect., that mean absolutely nothing. Often the result of being confused, angry, or an akward silence, otherwise the person is just being anoying.
InstantMessage1: Uhm, there's nothing to talk about.....

InstantMessage2: sjhudfh8907'i'90-89a700a97@!!!!!!!???@Q@@@!!!!!!!!

InstantMessage1:Wow, that was a total Keybord Overkill
by DictionarySurfer March 23, 2009

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A person who goes totaly fan-girl/boy over anything David Cook related. (Winner of American Idol 2008) They call him "Cookie" due to his last name, "Cook" and know as much information on him as a phonebook knows about phone numbers. Will stand in line for ANYTHING David Cook related for about 5 hours (starting at midnight, no less), sleeping in a tent while listening to David Cook CD's they've already purchased and eating only Cerio's in their PJ's. Often found anoying.
Person one: Do you know if Renna's at school today?

Person two: Yeah. She's been in the restroom crying for the past three periods because she couldn't get David Cook tickets.

Person one: Wow, what a CookieMonster.
by DictionarySurfer April 15, 2009

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