Alternate spelling for Thot, one the earlier gods of Ancient Egypt. Kids these days, can't even do idol worship right. Back in my day, kids worshipped Satan and were happy for it. Get off my lawn!
Ra calls on Thoth in order that the command given by him that Osiris my triumph over his enemies should be executed.
by Hyrcanus August 20, 2015
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1.Thoth, a death/progressive metal band based in the Phoenix AZ area. Though UR urban DIC, thinks sucks doesnt. im sure whoever that is, is in Syndicate. and Thoth is not little kids. im sorry if UR urban DIC cant afford nice looking and sounding equip but dont bash Thoth for it. And dont say Thoth sucks if you have never heard them. They are good, take Alex Atallah vs. Hans Heitzinger. Atallah the Hun will eat the little nazi alive! and death metal=easy... right. last time i checked, death metal wasnt easy. im sorry if you feel gay if you cant pronounce our name. do you even know what Thoth means? if not, shut up about it.

2. The Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom and Writing. (The one with the head of an Ibis) an ibis is the bird with the thin curved beak
1. Thoth rocked out at Mason Jar, and unlike Syndicate, plays shows and practices.

2. Thoth, created the Universe using Sacred Geometry.
by entity December 22, 2004
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The other word for both but it’s mean three things instead of two.
I guess it’s a bit of Thoth.”

Her: “So, shoes, games, or clothes?”
Me: “Thoth”
by JMiles13 March 3, 2019
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A goth thot, not comparable to the typical egirl or goth girl, she is a whole other breed.
John “You see Sydney today? Total thoth vibe going”
Todd “whatever thoths do it best”
by OriginalThoth April 13, 2022
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