out of
get outta my way!
by sharlene p. November 21, 2002
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Outta = Out + Of.
"Get outta here, little boy!"
"Wazzup, now get outta here"
by GamingPriority January 12, 2016
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A Slang contraction for "Out of"
LSU is gonna beat the Crap outta Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl
by LSU35A&M20 January 7, 2011
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1-out of
2-ought to
1- Get outta here.
2- You outta know that I don't want you in here.
by Goupidan December 28, 2009
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When you just paid all your bills for the month and don’t have much cash to go out and have fun with.
Man, I really want to go to that concert but i’m outta dick, outta balls til next Thursday .
by BasedButt August 21, 2019
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