Outta here. (outt-uh here)

command verb.

1. of being told to fade away from existence and or a situation temporarily or permanently, commonly refferencing other things or individuals aswell, in said mix.

2. in total eradication.
1. “come at me bro im right here!” “outta here with that, honestly, you look like a joke.”

2. “let me help move this right over...” “nope. nope. outta here, im doing this myself boy.”

3. “if you think that your gonna come in here with that your funny... outta here with it.”
by gavfact June 27, 2019
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when talking to an unattractive person while under the influence, this phrase has to be yelled by a friend to let you know whats up.

Phrase 2:

Going to a web page only to have millions of pop ups.
My friend talking to some gross person
Me- dude, get outta there!!!

trying to find a movie online. "Hey this link looks good", pop ups everywhere! "get outta there!!!!"
by vatsapatamus April 4, 2011
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when you do sometin outta pocket it means you did something hella fucked up or stupid
gerl i saw u i wit ma man last night,THATS HELLA OUTTA POCKET BITCH!!
by SHIZZLE February 11, 2005
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To be out of line or to be out of control
"Fuck u."

"Man u outta lane right now bra."

Bra u is doing the most u outta lane. Pull off.
by Assassinmob January 17, 2020
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flustered,nervous,anxious, stressed,regretful..To be frustrated, due to mistiming or a misunderstanding;expressing it through physical emotions
After the dog chased me, I felt all outta sorts!
by Dimplez March 7, 2006
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