Texas A&M is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Texas. Much ribbing has been endured by it's students and staff as the butt of many jokes. Most of which are usually found humorous by most Aggie's themselves. In true Texas form, Aggies are steeped in tradition from the moment of acceptance to the university. All Aggie traditions are deeply honored and fiercely defended by a majority of the students and faculty. If a student is particularly involved in keeping and honoring these traditions, he or she is said to be "redass". Adversely, a student who is not concerned about the experiences of the culture outside the classroom, he or she is deemed a "two percenter", indicating the level of involvement in such activities. As for the general demeanor of the students, you will find that a friendly "howdy" is uttered as you pass one by and a willingness to help in any way necessary is standard issue. They don't take themselves too seriously, but are generally dishing out as much good-natured rivalry as they receive. As for "that other school" in Texas, it has been this author's experience that you don't have to be a bed-wetting, self-loathing, liberal hippie to go there. But it sure helps. Remember folks, it could be worse, at least we're not from Oklahoma.
Aggie student: "Howdy! Are you folks finding your way around Texas A&M campus alright?"

Bewildered tour group member: "I think we're lost, and I don't know about anyone else, but I'm starving!!"

Aggie student: "No problem everyone!! If you'll follow me, we'll head on over to the MSC grill for some grub and then I'll show y'all the flag room! Hats off guys, we're inside."
by sixstringslinger June 18, 2011
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A school with deep roots in tradition and school pride. Texas A&M is the pride of Texas. Texas A&M one of the most admired campuses in Texas, so much that not only t.u wants to rival it but also tech.
t-sip : I wish I was an Aggie
Texas A&M Aggie: you cant be because you like dick
by Jdoooooe September 12, 2009
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A bunch of pussy ass faggots that get their money from fucking up the planet by drilling for oil.
Look at that jackass, he must be from Texas A&M
by Matt_PB1602 September 05, 2015
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texas A&M
students who attend this school are known as aggies
aggie are often the but of many cruel (yet often true) jokes directed to make fun of their obvious stupidity
person 1:"Did you know that a few guys from Texas A&M died last weekend?"

person 2:"NO! really?"

person 1:"yeah, they were coming home from a party in a truck. there were two kids in the front and three in the bed."

person 2:"Oh, then what happened?"

person 1:"well they were on a bridge and the driver lost control and the truck went off the side and down into the river."

person 2:"oh geez, who died?"

person 1:"well, the two guys in the cab got out okay, but the three guys in the back just couldnt get the tail gate down....."
by AggieKILLER March 23, 2007
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-Largest University in the U.S. in terms of land area.
-Home to the largest football stadium in the state of Texas.
-3rd Largest University in the U.S. in terms of number of students. (Capped at 42,000)
-Only University with a Land, a Sea and an Air grant from the U.S. government.
-Known for its Nationaly Famous Corp of Cadets.
-Often falsely sterotyped as being "full of hicks"
-Main campus located in College Station, Texas.
--Located 80 miles from Houston and Austin.
-Home of the 12th Man.
Texas A&M University is conservative where The University of Texas is liberal.
by JRD June 27, 2004
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Located in College Station Tx, A&M was the first public institute of higher learning in Texas, established in 1876 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. Founded as an all male millitary school along the lines of the Citadel and VMI,and steeped in millitary tradition, Texas A&M remained essentially unchanged until the 1960s. From these humble origins, A&M has grown to become a large, co-ed Flagship University of 40,000 students for the state of Texas and is consistently ranked as one of the premier public universities in the country. A short list of A&M's accomplishments includes:

-Top 50 Public University
-Top 100 National Doctorate Granting Institute (public and private)
-Carnegie Institute Tier I Research University
-Holds rare triple staus as Land, Sea and Space Grant Institute
-Member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU)
-Nationally ranked schools of Business, Agriculture, Engineering, Veterinary Medecine and Architecture.
-Leads the nation in genetic research, only institution to clone 5 different species.
- Campus is the home of President George H. Bush's Presidential Library, one of the only campuses in the nation with a presidential library
-Nationally famous Corps of Cadets, the largest uniformed student body outside the service academies
Few schools can match the Pride, Spirit and Excellence of Texas A&M University.
by RWW July 02, 2005
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