A way of saying "that sucks" or "it sucks to be you". It originated when equating life experiences to a bag of weed. If something is "outta yours" it's like someone took weed out of your bag, which sucks.
"I stepped in dog shit man"

"Outta yours"

"Dude I went 6-15 on Nuketown"
"Outta yours"

"My mom caught me looking at porn last night"
"Wow man, outta yours"
by Shwagger Vance August 31, 2016
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cool, nice, exceptional could be used in many different ways
1. damn that hottie is lookin outta control!

2. That new lexus you got is outta control!

by JoeSch84 April 16, 2007
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When a person or persons acts like an idiot or doesn't follow the rules per say.
"Why's she acting like that!? Bitch is Outta Pocket!!"
by Ksmoothy September 10, 2019
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A game originating at the University of Washington, the objective of which is to hit food out of an unsuspecting persons hands while simultaneously yelling "Outta Here!"

The harder the food is hit the better, and having it stick to the wall is encouraged.

Note: it is possible to be playing and not know it until it is too late.
I outta here!-ed him so bad yesterday, there was spagetti everywhere.
by TonkoTruck January 6, 2010
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Outta Hand: When someone does something weird, out of the ordinary, or thinks there in the yeshiva league but there not that can be outta hand.
Pomo: Dude im so cool my jawline bro I'm in the yeshiva league; tiyo- you are so non in the yeshiva league (displays hand motion),,, thats outta hand.

Besty: "my tabc boys will mess u up bro"- that is outta hand.

MRS Steiner- she is outta hand
by outta hand November 4, 2019
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A very common phrase used throughout the ranks of the United States Army by Non-Commissioned Officers in charge and responsible for a certain amount of personnel (Soldiers). Typically the platoon sergeant of his or her own platoon will use this when reporting that a Soldier is not present for the first formation of the day, the accountability formation. An unaccounted for Soldier could be considered AWOL, injured or even possibly dead.

"One soldier, outta ranks"
~The Platoon sergeant

Typically followed by "I want counseling."
~The First sergeant

~The Platoon sergeant
~Yo, that zombie assault vehicle is hella outta ranks son!

~Anything pertaining to and totally awesome regarding all that is Outta Ranks...


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by outtaranks January 26, 2013
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