to do somthing outta pocket mean that u did something hella fucked up or stupid
gerl i saw u wit ma nigga last night BITCH THAT WAS HELLA OUTTA POCKET
by SHIZZLE February 11, 2005
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When one has had to much to drink, and can no longer function on their own.
Oh shit Raquel is outta commish, again..
by Lindsay M February 19, 2008
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Stop trying to get in her pants. Phrase used in humorous tease or as friendly warning. Spoken as if scolding a misbehaving dog.
Steve is at a party and sees his friend, Jeff, talking to a girl that looks younger than 18.

He walks within earshot and squawks in an exasperated voice, "Get outta there!"
by quip meister August 27, 2013
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PIMP slang for when a hoe starts actin up.
Yo man your hoe is straight outta pocket

Bitch you outta pocket shut the fuck up.

by Wishful Thinking November 11, 2005
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Originates from Ireland. Derivative of "Get up out of that".
Meaning: A serious outburst of happieness.
Person 1: There's a daycent rave on tonight in the woods, they'll be bangin' out the tunes all night kid!

Person 2: Yiup outta that!
by limerick23 November 20, 2010
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an unfavorable predicament; bad situation inwhich there is nowhere to turn to rite the conflict
Drug dealer: "Where's my money?"
Gringo: "I ain't got it? See what had happ..."
Drug dealer 2: "White outta gas."


Dave: "I didn't finish my homework."
Ryan: "Ah outta know Ms. Jackson don't play."
by Ben Anson May 19, 2006
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Can be used in a positive way and be a synonym to cool, tight, dope, sick, hyped etc. Can also be used in a negetive way and be a synonym to belligerant, unruly, sketchy, shady etc.
Damn did you see the homie knock that chap out?! Shit was too outtahand! But then the homie got all drunk and threw up in my car that shit was outta hand
by Vengy March 7, 2012
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