the best person you will ever meet. they got that amazing personality and loves undertale and ships nagito komaeda x sans. if you meet an outer, consider yourself lucky. he will help u with depression and everything and even have the good sex
man 1: hey have you met outer
man 2: no
man 3: ugh you should he gave me the good sex
by jack153901 November 23, 2018
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Being out of one's mind, usually associated with taking drugs (particularly Cannabis).
Jesus, Jack's outers after that J
by Twatttt October 10, 2010
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The best game that nobody ever heard of.
“Did you ever play Outer Wilds?”
“Do you mean The Outer Worlds?”
by Commentur The Great February 15, 2021
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Paradise on earth
It’s the kind of place where you either have 2 jobs or 2 houses
2 tribes, one city
John b and Topper are from the outer banks. John B has 2 jobs and Topper has 2 houses
by Obxfan May 18, 2020
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Any borough of NYC that is not Manhattan, namely Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. Mainly used by Manhattan elitists who do not consider the four other boroughs part of NYC property- but it is.
She lives in one of the outer boroughs and commutes to work.
by Shirley L. January 14, 2006
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