John B is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet; he's laid back, a little dorky, and funny but most importantly he's also super hot. He's every girls dream, except for those of us who would rather have some JJ.
John B! Be safe.
by noelleeemarin April 30, 2020
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have you seen john b lately?

no, haven’t you heard? he died in the ocean during a storm
by ✌🏼😗 April 27, 2020
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The hot guy from shake shack looking at us in a car while we were laughing our heads off cause you waved at us and thought we were gay because I kissed her on her forehead when she looked at you. (It's our nickname for you)
CS: Remember John B JJ Geordin from shake shack
D: Yeah, I wish we could find him and talk to him
by AnonymousPickledCarrot December 18, 2020
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to say that you are going to go home
I'll see you guys later, I am going to hoist up the john b's sail.
by bgomez August 20, 2006
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A big beautiful person that has lots of friends and all species are attracted to him
Jessica: OMG my boyfriend is such a john b
tami: OMG girl your so lucky!
by BananaBoi11 October 10, 2022
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