a colour used to describe the colour of a towel after youve washed 'chav' make-up off.
"woah, i just washed my face and the towel is ornage!"
by juiceyey February 7, 2009
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A wild ornag is a rare creature, that can only be found deep in the penis. It enjoys stealing all of the cum during ejaculation. Cum is rich in nutrition, making it perfect for the ornag to survive off of.
Dev: That's weird barely any came out. Sam: There must be an ornag in my dick.
by Gornag Ramsay May 28, 2020
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When a small, hairy creature much like a troll grows on your penis. It has the appearance of an erection when visible.
Dude, Don looks like he has a hard on. Oh wait. That's just his ornag.
by Johnny Showertime February 15, 2017
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A very frightening orange. Derived from... orange. Heh.
Omfg the ornages are comming!

Sheeit man, that movie was scarier than a frickin' ornage!

...wtf is an ornage?
by AngryMouse November 5, 2004
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Not to be confused with "orange".

Ornage is the act of an ex or past friend trying to get back into your life like a bad case of acne. Very important to note they were the one that left.
"It was total ornage man, the ex came back from oblivion and was all over me at Michael's party.... I was like dude don't be so ornage"
by bootytoofine January 24, 2016
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Ornage is a horrible swear word. It is often found in the vocabulary of Nafi's worldwide.
Ornage menn, you scared me!
by mztriz November 9, 2005
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very gay juicy and all round spacc but also comes in the wild variant to make an wild ornag
Bill: look at that orange over there
Sam: what do u mean mate that is an wild ornag
by Big duck called dave May 28, 2020
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