2 definitions by Gornag Ramsay

A wild ornag is a rare creature, that can only be found deep in the penis. It enjoys stealing all of the cum during ejaculation. Cum is rich in nutrition, making it perfect for the ornag to survive off of.
Dev: That's weird barely any came out. Sam: There must be an ornag in my dick.
by Gornag Ramsay May 28, 2020
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A phrase used to describe both salmon and people to explain that they are 100% organic, and do not have an ornag on their person.
Those who are 100% organic are beautiful and should be treated as such.
Sam: Are you 100% organic?
Dev: No.
Sam: Your face is bullying because it makes people want to kill themselves.
by Gornag Ramsay November 30, 2020
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