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Proper Definition;

Panama City is a city located along U.S. Highway 98 in Bay County, Florida. It is the largest city between Pensacola, Florida and Tallahassee, Florida. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 36,417; by 2004, the city's population had grown to 37,079, according to Census Bureau estimates. It is the county seat of Bay CountyGR6 and is located just east of the vacation destination Panama City Beach.

My Definition;

Place of many rednecks and too many drugs. Lots of skanks live here. & Spring Break is outrageous. Too many Spring breakers who think it's okay to liter on OUR beach. FUCK YOU.
Hey man. I just moved to Panama City. & DAYUM! There are so many sluts here.
by Leahkay May 13, 2007
The finest place to make sweet sweet love that feels like holy baby jesus tears
johnny: do you like pina coladas, or by chance, getting caught in the rain?
redhead with large breasts: baby, I want to go to Panama City with you
Where you are having sex on vacation with a random girl and you pull out while you're cumming.
Jeff: broo I was on vacation and panama citied this girl.
Dom: dude, youre lucky you don't know her.
by airlinehoes January 21, 2014
One of the cheapest ways to leave your hometown to get laid and party. Many Georgians, especially from suburban areas, go there for Spring Break. A whole week there.. they party, get laid, and hit up local night clubs. Once back in lame ass GA, they tell all their friends the raunchy sex scandal they had monday night.
This spring break i'm hittin up Panama City Beach. Basically just to get away. Oh, and drunk and get laid err' day. Amen.
by JBAWLS May 29, 2008
When a woman has the crinkled skin between her breast from years of too much sun...
Those yoga tramps all had extreme cases of the Panama City Crinkle!
by GRP_ June 10, 2020
Spending years in California, you move for a few months to Panama City, Florida. While there you take a trip to Hooters to see the local talent. Now, you’re use to eights and tens in California, but in Panama City you’re gonna find a Sarah Jessica Parker is considered a ten compared to some of the toothless, Cesarean scarred women you meet there. Once you head back to Cali you’re going to find your standards have been lowered just a bit and you now find a four or a six might not be beautiful, but she’s at least Panama City Hot.
Eh, she’s ok... Panama City Hot.”
by Cp82 November 24, 2021
When you're on vacation and you find a gym or something slightly heavy (beach chair, bag, cooler, natty pack) to get a quick pump before you hit the beach. Used to effectively moisten the ladies.
Hey bro I'm gonna go get a quick Panama City pump before we storm the beach like Normandy.
by Chris and Justin show July 13, 2017