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The best deal ever made.

Team Fortress 2: "the most exciting class-base action ever" made
Portal: "The most" innovative "game ever" made
Half Life 2: "the best game ever made"
Half Life 2 Episode One: :/
Half Life 2: The best sequel to the best game ever made ever made.
^The best definition of orange box ever made.
by cakeofages August 10, 2008
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A form of currency ~ $50, or the price of Valves "Orange Box".
Person #1: I spent $200 on groceries today...
Person #2: Dude, thats like 4 Orange Boxes!
by sdghoihtruig October 20, 2007
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formerly known as the green box, it is an electrical box that is spray painted orange with above the influence signs, to reassign smokers to another place, which is so secret it cannot be named. only the most badass motha fuckas dare smoke there now.
why would they spray paint that green box?
well they made it an orange box so no one would dare smoke there anymore
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
Basically, it is a set of video games released in one set, but they were originally made for that set specifically (which is the Orange Box set.)
Sally: I just bought Orange Box off Ebay today.

Van: Sweet! We'll open up that box and have a game-a-thon with those games and some Mountain Dew.

Sally: Double Sweet! And bring Halo too.

Van: Cool.
by Joam Ama (Again) June 22, 2011
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Probably the sexiest biker known to man or woman. A god on two-wheels and the king of the filterers.
by The whole of VD September 19, 2003
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