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An electrical box where smokers hang out, usually to be caught by golf-cart popo.
those bitches by the green box just got arrested!

well they always be smokin and they were bound to be caught eventually.
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
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Greenbox: (Gree-Ahn-Bawksz) The electrical box where smokers, art freaks, emos, band geeks, weird kids, goths, lame kids, losers, unaccepted fags, kids who shop at target and/or walmart and people who wear DC hang out, usually caught by greenbox patrol. These kids are known as "Green Box Kids"
Guy #1: Hey Foof look at the kid over there with the glow in the dark pants with twenty zippers on them.

Guy #2: That's a "Green Box" lookin' ass kid right there he looks like Sora from kingdom hearts.
by .FooF November 01, 2010
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An ancient contraption found inside the woman's vagina. It lies deep inside and shines a bright green glow. There is an order of instructions you must follow if you come upon a green box.

do not twist it..if you do, this is a girl's defense mechanism. Twisting the green box will result in a laser beam being shot out. Originated in the punany of Hilary Duff.
"Damn when i get wit Hilary Duff, I reach far in there and twist that green box all the way around. She screams like a baby."
by Brad, Joe, Sherry November 15, 2006
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A place to go normally in the summer time to smoke blunts, drink alcohol , and watch the seasons beer league baseball.

Green box is filled with different people everyday along with the "Green box bums" Vincent,Andy, and Debra. Many different substances and items have been lost underneath green box benches. so when your there, Watch your shit
"meet me at the "green box" we'll smoke a nice blunt.
by Beachers. December 15, 2010
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