someone (or something) who looks like they could greatly satisfy a penis.
That skank is oralable.

Her gash is oralable.
by crackerman171 September 5, 2008
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past tense of oral and/or oralling.
to stimulate your partner (or not partner's) genitalia with your mouth.

otherwise known as eating out or blow job
"We oralled last night."
"Did he like it?"
"Duh, everyone knows I'm the best at oralling."

"Did you guys have oral sex?"
"Yeah, we oralled."
by livinlifegurl April 12, 2011
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oral refers to a guy who gets his sexual gratification by sucking dick.
I'm an oral guy -- I like sucking dick!
by USAF Cadet July 2, 2021
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Noun, a method of educating deaf children by speech and lipreading alone, without and/or banning the use of sign language.

With the result that deaf children grow up without learning eg. English language, and instead learns eg. British Sign Language from older children in school playgrounds.

Such deaf people end up with a deaf sounding voice, and poorly educated with a reading age of 9, unemployed or in unskilled labour.

Adj. Oralist.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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When one is so good with their mouth, tongue, and lips that they deliver non stop orgasms and never ending pleasure when performing oral sex, and give goosebumps and thoughts of procreation when they kiss others. They have the power to control one's thoughts and actions with their high level of Oral Skills. For females, finding a male with this priceless amount of oral talent, is the same as finding the Holy Grail.
I am so torn between being honest with my BF, or just leading him on more.......because his {Oral Mastery is just life changing.

My hot blonde friend Alyssa, said that Bruce licked her pussy better than you ever did Deb, and she said what dolt would not marry that Italian Stallion for his Oral Mastery alone?

Oh honey you better keep him happy, and be sweet to him, because with his level of Oral Mastery, he will get and can have any woman he wants. Im dripping wet just talking about him and that 360 Clit Lick i keep hearing about from your roommate and your friends.
by GIRTHQUAKE72 November 13, 2019
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Sucking a penis that has just been pulled from an asshole. It most likely had been in the suckee's asshole, but might have been pulled from someone else's asshole.
Many people enjoy Dirty Oral and disagree with those who turn their noses up at the sex act. Like anything else, it depends on a person's taste.
by talk2me-JCH2 May 8, 2021
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When you rub your balls or butt on someones toothbrush. The next time they brush their teeth they gat an "oral b."
I was at my sister in laws house and I oral b'd her toothbrush with my ass n balls.
by Pheecees January 8, 2021
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