Original Pot Smoker. A person that smokes alot of pot or smokes pot on a daily bases. And also known to be a good pot smoker. Or a person that smoked pot for most of their life and started at a young age.
Alias: lowridah wakes up in the morning packs a bowl of weed and gets waked and baked. Or he started smoking since the early teenage and continued smoke weed and desides not to stop. whitch would be known as OPS.
by Dj Craze September 03, 2009
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A language where the vowels of words are spoken and "op" is added after every consenant. (good for telling secrets, and confusing friends)
Sop-a-mop a-nop-dop Mop-e-gop a-rop-e top-hop-e sop-cop-hop-nop-i-zop!
(Sam and Meg are the schniz!)
(this is speaking in ops)
by LaRue Jo March 22, 2006
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Most usually means the police or cOPS. It could also be an alternate word for a snitch or informer.

"ops" can also be used as a shortened term for "operations" but this is uncommon for street slang
In regards to Police: "Yo we gotta go the ops are coming!"

In regards to operations: "So you do special ops with the US Army?"
by BiWgAcBoScEkY June 13, 2018
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Official phonk server (not a cult)
OPS is not a cult
by Opsmane September 28, 2020
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