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1. n. abrv. Original Poster - The original poster of a forum or imageboard thread
2. n. abrv. Original Post - The first post in a forum or imageboard thread
3. n. abrv. Opening - A common abbreviation for opening, most commonly used in Japan or regarding anime
4. n. abrv. Overpowered - Statement that something is too powerful, usually in a game
1. <someperson>The OP is stupid

2. <someperson> Sauce pl0x
<otherperson> Read the OP, the source torrent is there

3. <someperson> Anyone seen the new Haruhi OP?
<otherperson> yeah it's awesome

4. <someperson> Wow the chaingun is really op
by ajf.me November 29, 2010

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Fag who intentionally spreads FUD for the fun of it.
Glenn Beck and Richard Dawkins are both famous trolls.
by ajf.me July 13, 2010

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lopl: An exclamation, a better version of lol.
No-one knows what the p stands for, not even the person who created it.
An alternative spelling is ropr, which is even more epic.
lopl he raegquit
by ajf.me August 14, 2010

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