noun - An operator on an IRC network. They are usually in charge of making sure that the network runs smoothly.

Sometimes given an bad name for either abuse of their power, or negelecting their responsibilities.

verb - to obtain oper privileges on an IRC network.
oper up, and relink the services

somebody get an oper in here and ban that spammer
by Eminence32 December 6, 2003
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When your doing something very successful with no struggle what’s so ever.
I just got a nuke in call of duty I’m operating!
by Moneysavage April 2, 2020
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Slang term for someone who is a member of a Spec Ops team.
Bjorn was an operator with the 10th group.
by mrPickles September 6, 2004
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To do something in a calculated, planned, or skillful way. Usually in shooter videogames.
I’m about to operate on this team, I know exactly where they are.
by CardBoardCrusader April 22, 2018
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adj. badass, amazing, best-of-the-best, the shit - from the term for a member of a spec ops team, spec ops being the cream of the military crop.
"I love marshmallows." "Marshmallows are fucking operator, bro." "Fo sho let's get some."
by Reymas October 6, 2015
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The Operator is the main antagonist from the Marble Hornets series. He is very similar yet different when compared to the Slenderman. It is still a question to whether "The Operator" is just another name for the Slenderman. The Operator is believed to have different abilities than the Slenderman. The Operator is able to wipe people's memories from an extended period of time and can also mess with cameras when he is in their proximity. The Slenderman and The Operator, although very similar, are most likely two seperate states of mind. They may inhabit the same body, but they are two seperate minds.
"The Operator has appeared to me quite recently."
by Thecryingraven April 26, 2015
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A game that had a big, naked white guy with no cash and prizes at all..
Operation, that game where you can't touch the sides.
by Jayson Vester November 30, 2003
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