(Ka-ASH-and-PRY-zes) - your junk, your privates, your twig and berries, ouch
She kneed me right in the cash and prizes and took me to the ground
by CWood December 1, 2003
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penis and testicles; dick and balls; a man's genitalia
He was walking up too close behind me, so I turned around and kicked him square in the cash and prizes.
by tosha5252 October 14, 2007
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The winnings celebrated by women for no accomplishment whatsoever other than divorcing a man, because, for her, it’s fun, like being on a TV Game Show. She receives money and property as well as the freedom to fuck whomever she wants while spending that money. Divorce Winnings can go into the Billions of USD$ far exceeding even skilled Game Show Champions, like Ken Jennings $3 Million winnings after 75 Jeopardy appearances proving that Ken is a dummy who only needed a vagina. Jennings, in fact, did lose to a person with a vagina. Winning oftentimes encourages further irresponsible decisions like more marriage (and more divorce) as a win/lose for society. Another win/loss to society is losing of its most talented entertainers, (like, possibly, Robin Williams, who felt financial pressures). This also passes as a life-strategy between Mother and Daughter. Changing from a man to a woman does not provide the kind of vagina that will earn money (at least through divorce).

A divorcing woman oftentimes receives a house, 50% of the savings, a lifetime of alimony and 21 years of child support. The woman need not account for actual child care expenses, and she won’t. She can receive child support from the husband even when the child is not his. And alimony is based on the lifestyle to which she is accustomed, which never resembles Little House on the Prairie.
Paul anguished over his divorce, but Heather got Cash and Prizes!
by goodwin88 February 10, 2017
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