my oomfies deserve a raise for putting up w/ me <3
by something_smells_fishy January 11, 2019
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noun; "I am an oomfie"
proper noun; "what's up oomfie"

Someone acting sexual or cute, related to OWO and UWU. Similar to "bestie".

The word "oomfie" usually carries this definition combined with one of the following alternate definitions. Sometimes it is meant as a joke or said ironically. However sometimes the word is used with zero sexual connotation.

1. Twitter follower or mutual.
See also: "OOMF" which means "One of my Followers", "One of my Friends", or occasionally "One Of My 'Follow Topics'."

1a. Sometimes specifically a person sharing a lot of personal information on Twitter, and the viewer is an outsider and mere witness.

2. Significant other, close friend.

3. Any given person who looks or acts sexy or cute.

4. Specific or nonspecific anime girl. Possibly a waifu.

5. A complete nonsense word. Like how some people use the word "girlboss" to describe just about anyone.

6. Meme. Such as: "oomfie is looking submissive and breedable"
Person: "Just hit 200 oomfies, and one of them sent me a gift on Steam."

Person 1 Said to public in tweet: "I am a bottom"
Person 2: "so true oomfie"

Person: "I'm hanging out with the oomfies today!"

Person 1: "Saw an oomfie in NYC today."
Person 2 is a random person walking in public wearing black thigh-high heel boots.

Person: "Me when I see an oomfie"
GIF of anime girl excitedly shaking her fists up and down

Official SpongeBob Twitter: "bestie is getting his own show"
Person 2: "so true oomfie!"

"oomfie you're looking submissive and breedable right now"
"Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?
by chainswordcs June 29, 2021
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A person that acts silly and even mischievous at times.
Could be used as a substitute for homie, bro, dude, and such.
A: Tough luck oomfie, round two?
B: you bet, I'll kick your ass this time for sure!
by Cubert_ May 9, 2022
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the most shallow and retarded way of calling someone their little unmutual bitch meaning they can discard of you at the sightless clout disturbance
dumbass: so true oomfie (593920 bazillion likes)
fuckshitdick: this doing numbers (1 pennies)
by fatbigga April 27, 2023
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Big Band from the hit fighting game Skullgirls (also known as Skillgirls.)
by bigbandskullgirls1989 April 11, 2022
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