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Big Band ( aka Ben Birdland ) is a character from a game called Skullgirls. It's a DLC character with a quite big complexity and a interresting story.


Ben Birdland was just a cop in new meridian trying to serve justice and make the city safe. The sad truth was that all the cops were corrupted and were working for Medici Mafia, the mafia that controls the whole city and are also some jerks. Only him and his trustful friend, Irwin, were the good cops here. Once he met some medici goons and started fighting them, then the cops came but, instead of helping Ben they just fleed the medici goons and beat Ben, leaving him heavily wounded and near his death. The good thing was that his friend, Irwin found him and called a doc to help him. Ben wakes up in a lab where he meets Dr. Avian. Dr. Avian is a scientist working for Lab 8, the lab where Ben has been brough to, and told Ben that he managed to set him in an iron lung. And so he became BIG BAND

Appearance and Characteristics:

Big Band is 7'7" tall with a weight of 5000 lbs ( which only 95 lbs are organic )

His fighting style is composed of multiple jazz instruments like trumpets, tubas, clarinets, basically all classic instruments (that's basically the reason he's also called "One Man Band" )
Some of Big Band's quotes:


"One truth prevails"
"You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the jam"
"When the word of law falls, pick it up and hold it higher"
"I'm all there is of the most real"


"We have come to terms; see you, space cowboy"
"Even the sky ain't the limit"
"I gotta go see a man about a dog!"
"I have to go now. My planet needs me"
"The world is full of obvious things"


"I'm too old for this"
"Not a bad note..."
"Nothing but stolen moments" (time out)
"Retire to what?!" (time out)
by Aiden123 March 20, 2020
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