A Little Girl who spends her time Fish-Blasting in Genshin Impact

Oh and also, Don't underastimate her. She will blow you out of existance.
"Klee, you know the concequences" Jean after Seeing Klee blow up a Hilichurl Camp
by TaylorDev_Official January 6, 2021
A 10 year old terrorist that is put in solitary confinement daily.
Jean: Have you seen Klee anywhere?
Aether: No , but she might be-
*large explosion*
Klee, in the distance: *laughing*
by FheuF April 3, 2021
a fucking 10 year old that can destroy a whole entire nation.
don't mess with that kid or she'll boom boom bakudan you to fucking hell.
Is that Klee?
bro, we need to get out of here. NOW.
by yomicakez September 5, 2021
Local babey terrorist of Mondstadt (also pyromaniac) Unlimited amount of bombs and likes desecrating the fish population for fun ^.^ Good friends with most people in Mondstadt except Diluc. But Razor and Albedo are like big brothers to her while Jean takes care of her until her mother returns. Her favorite toys are bombs and to her most treasured bombs she likes to bury <3
Jean: Hey, have you seen Klee anywhere?
Kaeya: Yeah, Albedo and her went to go test if alchemy could enhance her bombs enough to destroy a mountain top :/
Jean: ... o_O
by notabannana January 19, 2021
A child from mondstadt. She plays with her bombs. She spends her time fish-blasting. and being in the solitary confinement.. She also can bomb hilichurls and treasure hoarders She also could solo your favorite.
by Clovxerx October 19, 2021
so called “Spark Knight for the Knights of Favonius” or in other words, a child arsonist
Klee is best Pyro in the game idc what anyone says
by JarvisBanned March 10, 2021
A small terrorist elf child with atomic bombs
Klee mains are scary
by Maru.x January 26, 2021