A gooey substance used to amuse young children, ranging from 5th grade-college-aged people with no life. Composed of corn starch and water.
"Dude, remember in fifth grade when we made oobleck? Let's get high and make it tonight!"

"Dude, that chicken chimichanga was so far from dank, it tasted like oobleck."
by Seymore Butts. February 5, 2006
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Someone who is so unbelievably cute and fun to be around that you wanna squeeze them and play with them in the bushes. They tend to be the same age as you and are usually in college. Ooblecks also tend to have fun with creative activities, and it is in these moments when it is easiest to spot an oobleck. Be warned, after a while of knowing an oobleck, you too will become an oobleck. Transforming into an oobleck is always recommended, but can make focusing on college work more difficult. Occasionally, they are confused for a corn-starch water mixture, but no need for worry. They are still the same old oobleck you know!
<looks at facial expression and body language>
"Awwwww..... you're such an oobleck!"
by oobleck#3 June 1, 2018
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The stinky yellowish greenish brownish reddish phlegm that coats an unwashed anus. Respected in certain regions.
Olivius had the stinkiest fecking buttocks oobleck that the guys could smell him from three Burroughs over.

He wasn’t respected amongst the plus sized males until he had copious amount of buttocks oobleck.
by GerthPaul November 8, 2020
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