To vote it add something you like....Came into use after Google Plus debut.
I beer+ed last night.(beer plussed). meaning "I added (drank) beer last night"

+ me. meaning "Add me"

G+ me. Meaning "Add me to google plus".
by Ag Arillon July 20, 2011
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The dirty, eastern European version of "in addition to". Usually said by someone with an accent whose first language is clearly not English.
Hey Boris, get me some borscht. Plus to that, a glass of vodka you dirty commie.
by Boris from Chechnya October 6, 2009
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People Like Us. A subtle reference to people of the same socio-economic class.
I really like that private school around the corner. They parents there are people like us.
by Michael May 31, 2003
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"people Like Us" commonly use among straight looking homosexual when identifying themselves among each other.
"hey, ur pal is hot, is he plu?"
by baby March 8, 2005
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v. to click the "+1" button that is integrated with Google +. Similar in use to "Like" for Facebook.
Plus-ing actually affects Google Searches. That's pretty cool.
by MSGPresident July 11, 2011
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The act of adding a friend to your circle on Google plus.
"Plus me on fa...I mean Google.
by Eli Bman July 14, 2011
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PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) is a private Lutheran university located in the ghetto-ass town of Parkland, WA. It was founded back in 1890 by Bjuge Harstad and some other Lutheran missionaries from Minnesota. Today PLU is a D-III University with an total enrolment of just under 3700 students.
The campus accomodates around 1700 students in it's nine residence halls, Hinderlie, Ordal, Kreidler, Stuen, Hong, Foss, Pfluger, Tinglestad, Hartstad and South. The campus is divided into upper and lower campus by "Hinderlie hill" so named because it runs down the hill behind Hinderlie Hall. The halls on upper campus consist mainly of fine arts and communication students and is in general the quiet half of campus. The lower campus area has a reputation for being the partying half of campus. This is in large part because lower campus is where most of the athelets live.
PLU is also home to one of the best music programs in the country. The flagship choir, Choir of the West is recognized perennialy as one of the best in the nation. The University is well know for it's exelent music ed program as well as the performance majors. The Langerquist concert hall hosts over 100 concerts a year including performances by all of PLU's 16 ensambles as well as many professional and faculty ensambles. One other impressive feature of the concert hall is the impressive Jack and Merry Faust organ. This grand insturment serves as the stunning center piece of the concert hall stage. Organists from all of the country and the world come to PLU to give concerts on the organ.
PLU is also known for having one of the best nursing programs in the region and the pre-professional health (pre-med) program is second only to the University of Washington in students accepted into the prestigious UW medical school.
Over all PLU is a very well rounded university that offers something for everyone but the one thing that all students of PLU find is a memorable experience.
Man, I wished I had applied to PLU, their music program is so much better than Central's!
by Don_Vito February 20, 2009
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