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This is an exaggerated suggestion to someone who is overly emotional regarding a perceived slight. So do you want to hit him on the nose with a tire iron cause he looked at you?
Hit him on the nose with a tire iron!
by I, Wreckerrr December 7, 2020
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1. Precisely correct, without any error.

2. Unsubtle or overly and clumsily direct. Used when characters in a narrative leave no room for subtext with their eye-rollingly obvious dialogue. Not a general term for bad writing.
1. Guess how many beans in this jar. Forty thousand and one? On the nose, ladies and gentlemen!

2. Excuse me, but I don't quite think we should have Helga say "I am sad. I hate you and you smell." It's a bit on the nose.
by dogboydog May 22, 2011
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getting drunk, the new word for sauced, or wasted
yoooo lets get nosed!
by smc sluts July 13, 2011
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the new term for wasted, drunk or sauced.
Omg guys, I was so nosed last night I don't remember a thing!
by partyhardychicks July 15, 2011
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Another word for "drunk", "smashed", "hammered", "sauced", "wasted", etc.

(Usually said while tapping your nose.)
"GUYS LETS GET NOSED!!" *taps nose repeatedly*
by SMC Grad Party July 15, 2011
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Being a nose- A nose is someone getting involved in other people’s business(being nosey)
Keeley is being a nose
by insta-will_zeigne April 14, 2020
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