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I get home and post on my snapchat story “yarded🏠” to let others know i’m at home
by sno🤙🏽 June 06, 2018
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1.) The act of an individual or group of people ingesting large quantities of illicit substances.

2.) The act of an individual or group of people dancing in such a way that when viewed from a 3rd party seems to be 'out-of-control'.
3.) To be 'yarded' requires the presence of extremely loud music encapsulated in the electronic/rave music scene.
4.) A true 'yarder' must adhere to the hardcore life style of; "Don't ask, Don't tell" and "Money talks, bullshit walks"
5.) A true 'yardian' must be prepared to 'blame the 'dubstep' and except the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
Junkie1 "Hey man, what's good tonight?"
Junkie2 "Not too much probably just going to go to a keg party. What are you doing?"
Junkie1 "I think i might go get yarded if you want in."
Junkie2 "I'm a little scared, last time we yarded someone fell off the roof."
Junkie1 "Word. So you down?"
Junkie2 "Live fast die young"
by RubberDuckieJunkie January 24, 2011
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