Korean emoticon expressing desperation /disappointment.
(an image of a man kneeling down with both hands to the ground)

O = head
T = arms to the ground
L = legs
a: OMG, Halflife2 is postponed again. OTL
by bitlife December 16, 2004
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OTL is the term used to express a situation where you are so upset that you feel like getting on your hands on the floor and knees down to start crying. The term introduced first in the u.s. by Peter Si(1980).
O shows head down
T shows stretching arms down on the floor
L shows kneel down
OTL ! I had $50 parking tix this morning!
by Peter Si April 26, 2007
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OTL is a stick figure of a person on all fours. O= head, T = arms on the ground, and L = legs. The lowercase form is orz.

This emoticon can be used interchangeably with *worship* which simply means that you are grateful to whomever you present the emoticon to. You use it on someone you really look up to, or someone who just gave you valuable information, or someone you just want to be like.

In some Asian cultures, the emoticon symbolizes crawling, and can indicate frustration, desperation, or even despair.
Said Bill and Ted to Alice Cooper: We're not worthy! OTL
You totally pwnt me that time. How did you do it? OTL
by LedHed October 17, 2010
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OTL is an emoticon representing failure

O represents the head
T represents the arms on the ground
L represents the legs on the ground

If you're still lost, please see more about OTL at otlplz.deviantart.com
by lynk25 September 19, 2009
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On The Low
Zenei kiadó / Magyar zenészek kollektívája + zaddy, gittegylet
Szereted OTL?
Sziasztok kövi OTL-re valaki be tud vinni aki elmúlt 16?
by Mettyu December 3, 2022
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One True Love. Meaning the person you love the most.
"I've never loved anyone so much, he's my OTL."
by Classyassbarbie July 20, 2014
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A game, originating in San Diego, California. OTL stands for "Over the Line" Similar to softball where there is a batter, pitcher, and outfield.
The objective of the game is to get more homeruns than the opposing team. The batter tries to hit the ball (thrown upwards by the pitcher from the ground) with a bat and get it to fly over a line on the field. If it is caught midair, the batter is out. If it lands on the ground or is touched by one of the outfielders then hits the ground/goes out, then that counts as one base. If the ball flies past the farthest outfielder's head, it's a homerun.
PE Teacher: "Our next unit in PE this quarter is going to be OTL."
by TraaacyNguyen April 13, 2009
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