A variation of the word jawn for those who’s name starts with the letter L. Only permitted for residences of the greater Philadelphia area or Delaware valley region.
Ben: Yo Lawn, you left your chin hair tweezers in my pecan smoked tilapia again.

Lauren: Sorry, I just saw a podcast about another irrelevant court case and forgot that I left my kids at Wawa.
by Bennehftw November 19, 2022
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A term for pubic hair, generally meaning

vagina hair but can also refer to dick hair.
Come mow this lawn big boy, show momma how you eat this pussy.
by Cyansky1911 February 18, 2019
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Meghan: Wow I’m such a Lawn Shipper
Trevor: Whats that?
Meghan: Lauren and Shawn together of course
by manhitter3000 October 19, 2019
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Mow that shit before it come outa control. Lawn can be the forest around a great big tree or an Afro vagina. Keep it kept, they don’t like it hairy.
Wow Sharen you’re lookin good! Have you been trimming ur lawn?
by TayTayGamerson February 27, 2019
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Another word for "lawl", or "lol". Used to express strong liking or amusement towards an action or saying.
by Cila May 13, 2010
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Is when you putting grass seeds into your urethra and cumming.
Yo dude, this Lawn yesterday was strange!
by BigPenisLoverWithHIV November 17, 2021
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A grassy place in front of my house that you should stay the fuck off of.
I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.
by TenInchPlaya October 15, 2006
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