To cease from performing an action. To stop.
She ate three cheesburgers at dinner last night. She needs to curb her eating habbit.

You spent $900 on shoes last month, you need to curb your spending.
by Newbury December 30, 2005
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To dissuade a person, their feelings or advances
Yo, I had to curb becky she was getting to crazy
by HealthCareProfessional April 25, 2018
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Someone who is very bad and uncomfortable with females. They can never seem to pull the trigger or make a move. They never win in anything. Curb’s never rue anything. Typically they also are extremely bad at academics. Also, a Curb is will typically never finish food. Basically an all around bum.
Friend: “Hey you Curb how about you clean your room.”
Curb: “Wellll, clean this.”
by curbthiscurbthat June 19, 2019
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Curbed to put someone down onto the curb or street,

To smash someone face on a hard strate thin surface (curb)
''I swear I will curb you if you keep talking crap.''
by 2TK February 4, 2008
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To punch someone so hard they are knocked out and hit their head on the curb
"Jon said he was going to curb Benny, but then Benny curbed Jon. It was awesome. They had to call the ambulance. One of the greatest fights I've ever seen."
by AowwwCHUCKS December 9, 2012
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To give curb is to perform top-notch, exquisite felatio, specifically in adventurous locale, ie 'on a curb', any given porch, in a fraternity bathroom, on a white plastic chair in a cemented basement, in 1800 Chem, or on the bleachers during a school assembly.

The word 'curb' is not necessarily interchangeable with other terms associated with 'giving head'. Curb is a step up, per say, from your typical felatio session (a couple dips deep down the throat, lots of tip sucking, some ball fondling and shaft stroking).

Curb is, more or less, a form of art.

Giving/receiving curb entails 6 or more of the following :

a BBC (big black cock, or any given african male worthy of receiving such an act);
deep throating for extended periods of time to the point of tears, the ripping of the epiglottis, and/or suffocation;
regurgitation of any previously consumed meal;
complete numbness of the lips (preferably DSLs), tongue, and jaw muscles;
wet, slippery suction-release sounds;
finger in asshole;
licking of the taint;
entire ballsack in mouth, with light suckling/tug;
eye fucking during the act;
using tongue more often than a frog does catching its prey;
and animalistic vocalization of sexual pleasure by the GIVER.

completely necessary in any act of felatio, especially curb: copious amounts of saliva, and a minimum qualifying cock size of 7.5 inches long (while hard) by 1.5 inches wide.
I was at this party, dancing with this bbc and enjoying my buzz, and next thing I know, I'm outside on the bumper of this car giving curb!

'give me that becky'...
by mizzbecky September 21, 2010
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To pleasure a girl with one's chin. This is usually only effective if one has a ridiculously oversized mandable and a really creepy and fucked up sexual partner. The common sign language for this is to make a vagina with the index and middle fingers ( c'mon you know how) and then to place this over one's chin, thus signifing curbing.
Dude, did you hear about that girl getting curbed?

Yea man, she got fucked by the Crimson chin alright!
by thi$i$n*tmyn@me October 15, 2009
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