The point of the tailbone is to really hurt when you fall, as a reminder to be more co-ordinated.
*Falls down*

Ow, my tailbone really hurts.
by Bryce Roney October 5, 2007
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To doggystyle a girl with a flat ass, and ram against her tailbone.
by Super EVIL ELMO June 30, 2009
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A sexual act comprising of a woman (without a penis or any protruding penis-like object in the genital region) thrusting her hips vigorously upon a male's tailbone so as to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Tailboning is a common pastime amongst nymphomaniacs and sexual deviants alike. Often a quick, random action, tailboners get some of the best orgasms known to man and to the Pagan gods.

Music to tailbone to: Fela Kuti, Death Grips, Charles Mingus
I was laying down and she was on top of me trying to fuck my ass with no dick. My tail bone wrecked that clit and she orgasmed for days. Tailboning gets me all the concubines.
by Fiskeleton September 1, 2015
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Condition associated with long term exposure to commercial flying in coach class when your tail bone hurts like crazy after 2 hours in the seat.
Son in seat 150C:
Hey Dad, why is that guy in 148D sitting like he has crapped his pants?
Don't worry Son, he looks like he travels a lot and has tailbonitis. He is just trying to take the weight off his ass bone, so should be safe to go near.
Why don't you be a sport and give him our pillows?
by coach class traveller March 18, 2017
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Another way of saying twerking. Especially useful for those who do not wish to admit that they twerk and wish to sound more sophisticated.

Alternatively what twerking would have been called had it been invented during the 1930s.
Joe: "Saw you twerking like crazy last night at the club."
Nicholas: "Me? Twerk? Hah! I did the tailbone rattle."
by Tobo93 October 19, 2017
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The act of having sex with someone using your tail in place of or in unison with a penis.
furry 1:Hey man did you see that new yiff flash from zone-tan?
furry 2:Hell yeah!They were tailboning hardcore!
by Passing June 24, 2014
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A euphemism for anal sex. Usually used amongst furries and dragons.
I once tailboned a bitch, and she cried.

Excessive tailboning can lead to anal seepage.
by thedragon120 March 25, 2010
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