Derived from the term tootie meaning girls vagina, anytime you run your mouth in fanstasy football and then lose by at least 50 points.
Paul trash talked a lot before their matchup, but Jim ended up giving him a Tootie Blasting.
by BonethugsSP99 October 21, 2017
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A sexual act that involves using a model train set to be involved in love making such as jamming the model train conductors into the urethra or fitting the entire train with its cabs into the vagina

It can also be described as thrusting extremely hard while having sex, screaming at the top of your lungs "CHOOOO CHOOOO" and cumming all over said persons face, ass or vagina
I think me and Cindy are gonna do some Train-Yard Blast tonight"
by FingerPuncher May 30, 2017
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a ways to say fun and/or funny
ugh that sucked
“that was a whole blast”
by sydneyf September 17, 2019
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When you are driving in a convertible car, the wind catches your wing and blasts it off.
Dude, put the roof down, i've just had a wig blast
by DanSatch March 20, 2017
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An incredible amount of nutty flavored semen.
I'm from Jersey, wanna walnut blast my engine bay like a bunch of Christian Brothers?
by WalnutBlaster July 14, 2021
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When you get rickrolled with the FOX NFL theme song. Similar to rickrolling and stickbugged.
I thought the video was about a cure to cancer, but I just got Trumpet Blasted.
by TheSerperiorMaster October 9, 2020
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To drop and a massive, hot steaming dump in your family's toilet after eating thanksgiving; resulting in anal fissures and a hemorrhoid.
I just turkey blasted the sh*t out of aunt Jan's guest bathroom toilet. I hope CVS is open on thanksgiving because I need to go buy Preparation H.
by NemmaGemma September 28, 2020
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