25 definitions by MistahRigoh

A small or large gathering of males, usually at kickbacks/parties and hardly, or zero females
We need some bitches up in here yo! This place is one hell of a cockfest.
by MistahRigoh March 13, 2016
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(verb) - When two human beings are engaging in some intense sex. (This word is very popular in Guatemala)
SPANISH: ay serote, tu novia y yo estabamos chimando mientras estabas en el baño.
ENGLISH: ayee bruhh, me and your bitch were straight up fucking while u wrre taking a dump.
by MistahRigoh August 15, 2015
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Excessive use of the penis. Leaves it brutally damaged after multiple forced ejaculations.
Last night we had sex and bro, she literally abused the Dick.
penis abuse torture jizz
by MistahRigoh October 15, 2015
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When you are drinking beer or alcohol but you take a very long time to finish your drink
Damn homie, that guy is babysitting his beer!! We already drank 7 beers and he's barely drank 3!
by MistahRigoh February 01, 2020
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It could mean having or getting a lot of tattoos or getting shot, like emptying out a full clip on someone.
Damn, did you see his tattoos? That guy got blasted!
Yo, them foos went blasting on the enemies. They got shot at.
by MistahRigoh September 11, 2021
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Used to describe a feeling or a state of mind, such as the feeling of being high as fuck, faded, blown, or drunk, buzzed. The person must be TURN'T in order to use the word.
Yo! I just drank an Arrogant Bastard and I smoked some of that LOUD. That shit has me feeling LIKEYEEE!
by MistahRigoh December 30, 2017
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An average, typical slut that enjoys getting plowed by a bunch of older men, usually over their 50's or 60's.
My grandpa had a big smile on his face the other day, so I asked him why. He said, " i just fucked that young whore , along with8 other older men from the senior rec. center. We nicknamed her, The Locomotive Whore."
by MistahRigoh October 09, 2015
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