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The unholy Bible of all niggas. This is where a nigga can find wisdom or just simply the way of life.
"Thou Shalt Not Wife THOTS!" - Niggalations: 10 verse 7
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by MistahRigoh April 19, 2019

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To be high as fuck from smoking marijuana, weed, or/and that loud... etc.
After smoking a few blunts of that good good, I feel well medicated.
by MistahRigoh October 03, 2016

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It literally means "ANUS" in spanish ; it can also be used to describe your, mine, or anyone's "ASSHOLE, ASSCRACK, etc.
ENGLISH: She likes to sniff my anus.
SPANISH: A ella le gusta oler mi fundillo.
by MistahRigoh January 19, 2017

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A male's genitalia that is unable to function in it's formal way and may be infected with AIDS/HIV, warts, and unspecified fluids. This person has a very awful stench due to the inconvenience he's allegedly going through.
Remember that bitch you boned the other day? Well, she was telling everyone that she got gang banged by a couple of niggas and one of them turned out to have a sick dick. Idk what she meant by that until she started to describe what that meant, and bruhh, that's some sick shit!
by MistahRigoh September 22, 2015

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Literally legit as fuck, or defining something as great as it can be. Straight up.
Damn Holmes, did you see those girls walk by??? They look so Firme!!
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by MistahRigoh January 18, 2020

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A spanish word, comes from the word 'Culo'. It is used to describe an enormous, ridiculously big colossal ass.
DAAAAAAAAAAAM! I am deeply infatuated with her CULOTE.
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by MistahRigoh January 19, 2017

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A small or large gathering of males, usually at kickbacks/parties and hardly, or zero females
We need some bitches up in here yo! This place is one hell of a cockfest.
by MistahRigoh July 28, 2016

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