Godz is an internet nerd that posts mainly on the Wrestlecrap forums. He spends most of his time whining and bitching. He's so much of a dumbass that he has told people to get a life, even when he has pictures of himself dressed up as a wrestler and has over 10,000 posts on a message board. Irony is great.
Me: I could beat your ass in a minute Godz.
Godz: Noooo you have no life even though i'm gay and have a billion posts here.

Godz: I'm a nerdy little fag boy.
Group of people: Tell us something we don't know.
by Godz is a fag boy November 16, 2006
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An exclamation, meaning something of holy greatness.

Often used in a loud extremely obnoxious voice.
Guy: Dude! we just won sectionals!!!

Guy2: Das Godz!!!
by pattttwick December 15, 2008
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200 matches with 40% winrate.
- Vivian "Karina godz" Sakalam
by VivianlangSakalam May 20, 2021
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