character in zombie film 1: "a weird virus has turned everyone into the living dead"
character in zombie film 2: "omgz!"
by beecreature April 26, 2007
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an acronym for Oh My God-Zilla. A much cooler way of saying oh my god because godzilla is just coller then... well everything.
Person 1: *sigh* i wish i had a pet dinosaur...
person 2: OMGZ!!! me to!
by Nykiy August 17, 2010
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Alix: "Rae! What's up?"
Rae: "Oh HEY, you know me?!"
Alix: "Yes. Yes, I do."
Rae: "OMGZ!"
by ohHEYyouknowme July 10, 2008
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