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After getting tired of everyone typing lol i decided to use olo and realized it was a pictorial of a pair of balls and a rather short cock....kind of like my own.
dwray_sx: olo
hyperstyle7: look at that cock and balls man
by D Wray January 13, 2004
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Stands for "Out Loud Orgasm." A very attractive person, even more attractive than George Clooney in the eyes of a 50 year old woman. An 11 out of ten on "the scale."
Tasha: Dayum! Latisha! OLO, three o'clock!
Latisha: * drools uncontrollably*
by NaNaNaNina May 19, 2013
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My olo is bigger than your olo.
by Anthony January 13, 2004
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an informal form of address for a man or woman. Substitutes words such as "dude", "man", "friend", "pal", etc.
Originated from a Turkish convenience store employee who would sell beer and cigarettes to underage kids and greet them with "wassup olo"
Wassup olo!

What's the deal olo.

Olo, let's pick up a busch light 30.

Smoke a bowlo, olo.
by Olof Carmody January 23, 2008
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balls or testicles,especially one contained within a scrotum.
I aksed her to give me head, but she kicked my olos instead.
by tingle joe April 09, 2004
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only laughed once
1: your momma is so small, when she farts, it burns a hole in her neck.
2: olo
1: come on man, that was a good quality joke.
by KT BITCH February 21, 2009
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Alot like "lol"... but cooler. Its for when something is funny but you just arent "laughing out loud". Because lets face it "lol" is overused and getting a bit old.
stupid person: ZOMG.. thats hilarious, LOL
me: STFU OLO is the new LOL.... OLO
by Eoin McAughey April 18, 2006
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