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After getting tired of everyone typing lol i decided to use olo and realized it was a pictorial of a pair of balls and a rather short cock....kind of like my own.
dwray_sx: olo
hyperstyle7: look at that cock and balls man
by D Wray January 13, 2004

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My little nickname for crack so when I tell my friends I'm about to smoke some they will all giggle and not poke fun so much at me for smokin crack.
"Hey guy's, I'm gonna step outside and finish off this crackle"

Geez D Wray your so crazy (Everyone giggles)
by D Wray December 10, 2003

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A sailor
Back in WWII I used to be a semen...now I just put it on my wife's ass.
by D Wray December 11, 2003

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