A large town in Ocean County, NJ. It is the basic metropolis for the surrounding beach areas (Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Mantaloking, etc.) because it has a movie theatre, and a lot of large stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Brick is filled with mini-malls and lots of traffic. It is separated in two parts, and has two different high schools- "Memorial" and "Old Brick" (as they are referred to by students). The common activity for teenagers on the weekends is to get drunk and smoke. Bricktownians know how to drink everyone else under the table and do it in style. Kids from Bricktown are big on drinking games and are the best beer pong players in the area. WaWa's , Wendy's, and the Ocean Queen Diner are always packed late at night with kids taking a much-needed munchy break. Also, many of these teenagers have a tendency to tailgate before every concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center, but be too cheap to buy tickets to actually see the show.
"Wow! That kid is real good at beer pong- he must be from Bricktown..."
by Sara H October 9, 2005
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Bricktown is deff the BEST place to live if you're living in New Jersey.. It has everything in that town.. literally.. It has the beach, movies, six flags is right there, as well as PNC bank arts center.. you couldn't ask for more.. as you can see from above, many people bash Brick, but anyone who bashes it, is obviously from Toms River, and are just jealous, because they are cracked out on heroine over there..
(kid 1) Everyone from Bricktown are dirtbags... (kid 2) are you from Toms River? (kid 1) Yea, how can you tell? (kid 2) because your cracked out on heroin, and hate Brick..
by B-Town 4 Life October 13, 2005
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in B-town or bricktucky, as some call it, yes we boast our wonderous drinking skills whether they be beer pong or beer bongs; however, i would just like to point out the correct way to pronounce words when you are residing in this welcoming atmosphere. First off, we do not have "wuuder" here, it is either waata or waa-ter. when you get ice cream you get sprinkles on top, not jimmies. when we do happen to go to quizznos subway or jersey mikes (as an alternative to those wawa wendys and diner trips) we get a sub, short for submarine sandwich, not a hoaaagie. (who says that?). we don't drink melk and don't sleep on pellos, and we don't go to mooovies. our words aren't drawn out real long or shortened to ebonic style lingo with made up words that others don't understand, and we sure as hell can understand eachother, even when we mumble or talk in our "jersey" accents.
and in my personal opinion, when i'm not here it's not the shore or the beach, it's just "home" .
"i can't wait to go home to Bricktown."
by klt December 16, 2005
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I am from New Jersey, but not anywhere in New Jersey. I am from Brick New Jersey. This is where there are 2 towns in one, but when you leave this place you all stick together like a fucking family. Where when someone says we're drinking beer tonight, you are drinking Busch Light. Brick as in we play that quarters game and beer pong and will fuck you up in any other drinking game you can create. Brick, New Jersey where the beach is a part of our lives, not our weekend. And of course we go to the diner and/or Wendy's at the end of every good night. We know we are trash and we love and endorse it, so get used to it. Brick , New Jersey. God I fucking love that town.
Bricktown kids dominate in beer pong.
by BLZ March 21, 2006
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Here there's no limits. The people of this town KNOW how to have fun! Yes we tailgate, yes we dominate at beer pong, & yes we drink any chance we get. The people that talk down about that are jealous because they can't have as much fun. We know how to live life! THIS IS THE LIFE YOU'D LOVE TO LIVE!
-"Oh your from Bricktown?"
-"Your lucky!"
by kld December 4, 2005
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Nickleback defined it best! "So hard to stay... Too hard to leave it"...The place where many non-New Jersey residents grew up. It is a drug that, once you have graduated from either BTHS or BMHS, you must FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE to get out of, though it holds a strong addiction that you must go back to. (i grew up there and I would love to go back) Bricktown is technically called just plain 'Brick'... NOT to be confused with Newark.."Da Bricks" like those morons that you have no interest of talking to on AOL think when they IM you out of nowhere and ask that wonderful question a/s/l?
Moron from AOL: "Hi, a/s/l pls" Bricktowner: "24/f/brick" Moron from AOL: "OH you from Newark, you must think you're tough!" Bricktowner: "Oh, you must be illiterate. Idiot"
by MeredithHouselBrammer August 21, 2006
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Bricktown is the best place to go if you want an impression of real jersey people. Bricktown is full of the chillest people on the planet. There may be a lot of drama here, but hey thats just us. We love to party and have fun, and at the end of the day, were a fuckin family and no one can stand in our way. We will break your fuckin jaw if you talk shit. Were mature, so if you step on bricktown turf, you better know what goin down. People from bricktown arent very pleasant, you better look your best if your in this town, or else you will be judged. The beach is a lifestyle here. We cant live without it. Yes if any of you are wondering we do have an accent but its not some gay ass new york shit like on "Jersey Shore" mtv show. We say chocolate like fuckin chocolate, idk how else to explain it. Were probly the most hated town in Jersey for no reason. Maybe because were cooler than everyone else. We think were cooler than everyone else but the truth is , we are. so get the fuck out our way and go back to your gay ass town if you dont like us, cuz we sure dont give a fuck about you.
by BeachBum0506 August 23, 2011
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